The home

Interior decor

I have found that floral and patterned materials are very confusing as objects, people and pets can get camouflaged against them. We have enough problems without tripping over dark shoes on a black mat or sitting on the tabby cat curled up on the paisley couch!   Plain or finely textured materials are a lot more peaceful for me and neutral colours allow for maximum contrast ..See blog article: The Clepto Carpet.

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor

I cannot see where the dirt is, but I can feel it under my feet! I sweep the tiles in columns, being methodical as if I am colouring in the floor. This task requires more memory than sight. The same goes for cleaning counters – I just clean the whole thing instead of looking for the dirty spots.

Inserting a plug

It is easy to get frustrated when you can no longer see the plug socket. The easiest way to get around this is to CLOSE YOUR EYES and feel the holes of the plug socket and determine which way the plug should face. Make sure the switch is off – usually switch is down on the ‘heel’ side of the plug. Keep your finger on the large hole and guide the large prong into it. Then encourage yourself for a job well done.

Threading a needle or a bead.

I can’t feel the hole in a needle ………with my fingers, but my TONGUE does a good job! Once your tongue has identified the direction of the hole, grasp the needle or bead firmly in your right hand and guide it towards the thread in your left hand.

Beading is easier with a stiff thread.

Another way to deal with the frustration of threading needles is to ask a sighted friend to thread about 5 needles with different coloured threads so that they are ready for use when the need arises.

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