The bathroom

Putting toothpaste on your toothbrush

If I hold my toothbrush where I can see it properly and then I put the toothpaste on, the bristles usually flick toothpaste in my eye – not fun! So, I put the toothpaste directly onto my tongue and then put my wet toothbrush into my mouth. Hopefully the people who share your toothpaste are not germophobes!

Deodorant and other sprays

The spray top of an aerosol can is not always easy to feel and it is easy to spray it in the wrong direction. Perfume in the mouth is not pleasant – I know, and spray ‘n cook is not a good face moisturiser. Once again the tongue is a useful clue finder for the direction of spray. (not recommended for poisonous bug sprays) . Locate the hole with your tongue and then place your index finger on the opposite side so when you turn it around it is pointing away from you.

Conditioner or shampoo?

This tip is helpful for anyone who wears glasses and cannot read the labels of the bottles in the shower. Often the shampoo and the conditioner are in similar packaging so put an elastic band around one of them so that you can feel for the right bottle.

 Organising medications

Sorting medication

Sort meds into holder one at a time.

It can be very dangerous if you cannot see the names on the medication package. I write on the box in thick black khoki pen. A tablet organiser is also useful if you are taking many tablets. Remember to sort them into the holder one medication at a time.

Alternatively, if you have a smart phone, you can download Seeing Ai App for free and let it read the labels for you. The best option is to buy a Pad Perch – see SHOP on home page- and have hands free to hold the bottles and meds beneath your magnifier or text – to – speech App. See ‘on sight’ for this information.

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