Keypads & passcodes

Fading sight can add stress to using telephones, ATM’s, card machines and alarm systems.

Note that every number pad has a plastic ‘pimple’ on the number 5. As seeing the numbers becomes frustrating, force yourself to learn the keypad without looking. Put your middle finger on the number 5 to orientate yourself. The middle finger goes upwards from the 5 to reach the 2 and down for the 8 and 0. Your index finger is used for the 1, 4 and 7 and your ring finger for the 3, 6 and 9.

All button telephones have the number 1 at the top left.

Similarly, on all card machines the numbers starts with 1 at he top left and the ‘Enterkeypad2’ or ‘proceed’ button on the bottom right corner.

NOTE:     On computer keyboards and some adding machines, the 1 is on the bottom left and the 9 on the top right (Upside down to telephones and card machines). This is just to confuse us!!!

If you are familiar with feeling your way around the keypad, you may also consider popping into your bank to change your pin code to a formation that is easy for your fingers.

The way that I cope with drawing money, is that I have memorised the ATM screen, with help from a sighted person, and so I know when to press what. The same goes for the electronic treadmills and bikes in the gym. I memorise which programmes I want to do ……… the only problem is that my weight changes …… I lie to make the number entering easier!! (I call it blind justice)

Have fun learning a new skill.

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