Be encouraged

Sometimes I get really low and frustrated about my lack of eyesight and I get tired of struggling. On days like this I have to make a conscious choice. I have to stop!!! (That’s a miracle in itself) and be grateful for what I CAN see…. instead of bitter about what I can’t see.

There are places I like to go to help me to cheer up. I am always motivated by standing in front of the colour swatches in the paint section of the hardware store. I see smudges of beautiful and varying colours and I cannot help lifting a prayer of thanks to God for the magnificence of colour and the privilege I have of seeing it.

Sitting in the garden and listening to the birds is another way I choose to stop and be grateful. It is only the crow that doesn’t sound too cheerful to me (a bit like me on a grumpy day) . The rest of the birds chirp with such freedom, clarity and life, that I get that welling-up prayer of thankfulness to God for my hearing.

In Proverbs it says, ‘A cheerful heart is good medicine for the bones’, so for those really ‘down days’ I prescribe Happy thoughts three times a day after meals. I think Pollyanna would be proud of me. (A good story to get on audio book if you recognise that you need an attitude adjustment)

Life can suck at times, but I am alive , and while I live I have a choice to be a blessing or a blob. I cannot depend on other people or circumstances to make me happy. It’s my choice to be encouraged.

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