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What’s in your hands?

Handy help in the classroom

So often we look to others for answers to our problems, waiting for someone else to come up with a cure, find us a job, make us an offer or telll me exactly what I need to do to solve my problem. Notice the penultimate word of the last sentence…my problem.

Even in disability we have so many ‘rights’, ‘should’s’ and ‘why don’t’s’ that we can easily lose sight of the power we have to solve our own problems.

The famous Bible character Moses was also in a rather pressurised position as he stood at a dead end at the edge of a sea with 1 million followers (before instagram) and then a whole army charging towards them. He did what we all do only when certain death is inevitable …”Help!”

He heard or imagined a voice saying, “what is in your hands?” Moses looked at the simple peice of wood, acted in obedience and a miraculous way opened up for a nation to be saved.

Whilst trying not to exaggerate in a grandiose comparison, a simple stick and 1 million visually impaired People in south Africa are facing immense pressure to cope in a sighted world. I hope that this ‘stick’ (with a few bends, cuts and rearrangements) will at least open a way for some to find freedom to access words and their surroundings.

Seniors and students alike now have access to ordinary technology that can solve some extra- ordinary problems.

What is in your hands?

P.S. Go geeks! Artificial intelligence has really upped the game for VIP’s in the last 2 years.