Pad Perch launch

After a year of designing, redesigning, economising, getting intellectual property design applications and trademark, sweating over numbers, predicting volumes, avoiding throwing up, throwing in, throwing out ….I finally have a product to help people, like me, with low vision to use their smart phones, and iPads as a desktop magnifier or OCR scanner-reader.

For a fraction of the price of a smart device, this hand made, low cost stand allows you hands free options for viewing, Skyping, reading whist holding books or documents in place and even drawing, colouring in and embroidering.

Because it is gravity dependent with no clamps you can use it on a desk, a counter, a workbench, in the kitchen, in the garden, on the floor and even in bed.

It is just a Perch, so don’t leave your device to it’s own devices… it may fly off … and then you will be the one in a flap!

Perfect for use with KNFB reader, ‘Envision Ai’ or ‘Seeing ai’ and other text or image recognition Apps.

You are welcome to buy one for yourself, or for someone else as a gift or donate one to a low vision sufferer. In the process you will be giving someone a job and opening the eyes of the blind.

Current price, excluding postage is R380 (South Africa).

To order, send an email entitled ORDER to with your name and postal address. We’ll send you an invoice and banking details to get the Ball rolling.

Check out more on the ‘in progress’ cell2see Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “Pad Perch launch

  1. Frances Webster

    Brilliant. I am so pleased all your hardwork has finally got to the retail stage. May it help many folk as I know your heart is to help people.

    I am a sighted person, and I use my ‘first edition’ all the time. It was especially useful when I was doing live in care work, at the end of a busy day, watching a wind down film, or listening to a talk or podcast, on my iPad, in bed. It solved the problem of having to prop the iPad up or hold it.

    I have also used the iPhone as a magnifying tool to do some very fine miniature pen and ink drawings.

    All the best Jenny.



    1. jenniferawebster Post author

      Thank you Fran. I hope you don’t mind, but I have posted this as a product review on Facebook.


  2. Frances Webster

    Fabulous invention even for me, a sighted person, I use it as a stand in the kitchen when I have a recipe on my iPad that I am following, as a book stand in bed, as a mini iPad stand to watch Video clips from YouTube/Pinterest/ etc. Love it.



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