Laughing at life


After eating lunch I was looking for the red lid of the Bovril and inadvertently started to pick up the last slice of red tomato you have to laugh!

I cannot decide if it is heart breaking or humorous to take a jibe at our weaknesses.  Sometimes the silly side is really refreshing.


What is worse than a blind joke?
A lame one

What did they call the silo  filled with  eye balls?
The eye full tower

Why did the blind teacher resign?
He had no pupils

A blind man walked into a bar? What did he order?

A blind man walked into a bar ….ouch!

Why was the blind comedian rewarded?
His jokes were cornea.

What apparatus depicts the highs and lows of losing your vision?
A see sore

New technology for eye protection?
The iPad

What did the ophthalmic surgeons use to remove the eyeball?
A socket spanner

Why was the eyelid scolded for bad language?
He couldn’t blinkety – blink sit still.

I am legally blind… I didn’t know it could be illegal!!?

Advice for a low vision sufferer: “ it is hard to recognise people at first ….
but you’ll get a feel for it”

What source of energy do short sighted people use?
a magni-fire

Sight loss is never funny, but we might as well laugh … and occasionally  find a safe place to cry.

3 thoughts on “Laughing at life

  1. Tony

    I’m glad to hear that your color vision is still working, at least as far as red is concerned.

    I follow your blog by e-mail. Each e-mail from the blog begins with a brief excerpt from the beginning of the post, followed by an invitation to leave a response. Being familiar with that format, I wasn’t too startled when my text-to-speech software told me, “Sometimes the silly respond to this post by replying above this line.” This is only the second time I’ve felt inspired to respond to one of your blog posts, and even now I don’t feel all that silly!


    1. jenniferawebster Post author

      I find it frustrating because my screen reader doesn’t even read my own blog. I get myself into trouble sometimes in the cutting and pasting from Word. I will eventually find the right kind of help for this. Thank you for responding


  2. Marilyn

    Thanks Jenny, you are an inspiration to all of us. A woman of God and I thank you for your courage that you spread around…. I admire you!!! God bless you and your family xxxx



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