Down to Earth

kabumpsI recently had back problems and had to go for some tests and scans. . To cut a long story short, this injury requires me to spend more time working on core muscles to correct the condition.

Many of us with low vision spend a lot of time leaning forward to see things close up especially on screens. Posture problems seem more prevalent amongst low vision sufferers, as opposed to blind folk as we use the little sight we have instead of relying on hearing and kinaesthetic cues.

Anyway, I needed to adjust the ergonomics of my reading station in the study; affecting the way I sit at a desk or raise my screen higher, so as not to bend forward and put strain on my back. I rummaged through some essential but seldom used items and found a dusty, deflated Pilates ball. Amazingly I found the plug too. As my back was too sore to use the air pump, my sister came over to help me inflate the ball. We managed to puff it up to the correct size and rolled it into position where the desk chair was. She went home and I was happily catching up with emails, whilst merrily contemplating the joys of not having a more sinister condition. My thoughts were all gratefulness, butterflies and birdsong when I heard an almighty bang and landed on the tiled floor. The ball thing had popped and my ethereal dreamland was rudely interrupted with groans of more pain and a sardonic laugh. (Have you heard of Murphy’s f-loor?). It would have been so cool as a You tube clip!!

As I was about to pick up the slippery jellyfish-like plastic remains, I happened to knock a brand new tumbler off the desk onto the same tiled floor. Now I not only had to retrieve the gooey flubber, but also a galaxy of sparkling blue glass.

As I wrote this account there were Christmas carols playing in the background. I was pondering about what to title this humorous yet humbling experience: heavenly peace to humiliating reality. I thought of   the Christ child …. Yes, down to earth!!

(I hope no one is offended by comparing God’s plan to bring us back to His side and my plan to get off my back side)


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