Brain freeze

brain pic

Firing on all cylinders

…and it is not from eating ice-cream too fast, but … what One Direction would call: a hiatus. Well, I took one from blogging… er… um… brain got ‘blogged down’ with busyness and lack of motivation.

It’s strange how we often don’t get to do the things we want to do because we are so busy doing the things we don’t want to so that we can get them out of the way so that we can do the things we do want to do!
Its weird how, in the customary way of nature, you can only pour out that which is in. It would make more sense for us to first fill up with the things we want to do so that we have the energy to do the things we have to do.  It seems ironic that we need to discipline ourselves to choose to be creative and that controlling busyness actually …FREES YOUR BRAIN!!!

If that does not work then gobble down a frozen yogurt

Happy regenerating!


2 thoughts on “Brain freeze

  1. Fran Tucker Webster

    I say ‘here here’ to that.

    I stopped drawing for various reasons. It took away my mental respite, and my creative well spring of refreshment all but dried up. It was the place that took me ‘nearer my God to thee’.
    From whence I would return able to cope with the day…….hmm. The crayons are coming OUT.



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