Quest to be a passenger

the driving seatDue to low vision, I have never been allowed to drive.  But I am a driven person in more ways than one. (I can drive my family round  the bend in an instant and drive myself crazy with frustration at times!)

At every opportunity I love to steer things with wheels  …like the wheelbarrow, the lawnmower, trolleys (riding down the ramp after shopping) and I even had the thrill of parking a set of portable steps in front of an upstairs gate today. I don’t know why it gives me such a kick to steer- except that I love being in control.

I admit that I am sometimes a terrible back-seat driver (even though I cannot see well).  This got me thinking about the waste of energy it is to be uptight about something one has no control over. So, I have decided to become a peaceful passenger.

Let’s see how strong my will is!?

Oh family rejoice!

2 thoughts on “Quest to be a passenger

  1. Fran Webster

    Oh I love,love,love the illustration….such talent. I think being in love with wheels really bodes well for that nursing home….zimmer races?Think I will book into your home!!! You have developed such a sense of fun to get you through life. Such an example to us all.



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