Seeing spouse

I want to raise a “Hoorah” for the spouses of us semi-sighted citizens.

Often the culturally acceptable norms get challenged by the needs of the disability of either spouse. For example, I feel special when my husband opens the door and…he walks through it before me Changes in light often leave me totally blind for nearly a minute as my eyes adjust slowly to the new lighting. Walking in behind him allows advanced warning of steps, thick pile mats or turnstiles.

What seems like bad manners to others is actually a blessing.  We have finally given up the South African ‘girl dishes up food for the boy’ thing and now we both feel more relaxed – he can choose what, and how much, to eat and there is less chance of him getting cheese sauce on his apple pie, instead of custard, and I know that I will get choice selected food ,and not just the garnishing’s!

He has ditched many gender role norms with courage and gusto and has fully embraced the skills of toenail painting, hair dying, needle threading, picking up dropped knitting stitches and expertly removing excess mascara from the eyelids. He has conquered the unexpected trips to the local shop for girl products and is expertly unphased by scrounging through the women’s underwear department for the appropriate sizes.

I am so grateful that I married a non-self conscious man and would like to cheer on all spouses of impaired function sufferers. God knows what you do for us.

Thank You

4 thoughts on “Seeing spouse

    1. jenniferawebster Post author

      Hey Jill. Thanks for commenting on last article. I have a screen reader and magnifier programme called Zoomtext which reads to me and allows me to be as computer literate as my blonde brain allows. I could not do without it.



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