Helpful help? (a husbands insight)

As the spouse of a beautiful, patient and courageous partially sighted wife, I often find myself spending time looking for the next need to be met, whether it be, to raise a few: checking that plates, knives, glasses and sharp objects are not in places that can be harmful; or watching that broken tiles, rough brick workrescue ring, glass doors or uneven steps, don’t become a hazard resulting in a broken leg, strained back or great humiliation.  It only dawned on me, after several decades, that it would be extremely helpful to both me and my wife, if I actually found out what is most helpful to her, and not what I thought was best for her.  As I found this out, it released her from a hang of a lot of guilt, and me from growing frustration that I was being taken for granted (which I was, because I really wasn’t meeting her need).  The problem was mine – I just needed help from her to know where she needed help.  So knowing where help is needed is very helpful and, emotionally, very releasing.

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