…not by sight

It is a bonus to have lost my central vision gradually, as I know where things should be and many movements and behaviours are done, not because I can see, but because I know what should be there. I suppose you can call it faith. …. Being sure of what you hope for and confident of what you cannot see.

In the gym there are hairdryers on special holders between the mirrors where everyone beautifies themselves and puts on their ‘faces’ etc. One day I walked up to the dresser and plonked my gym bag in front of a mirror-not that I can see my face in it, but it makes me feel like everyone else. I reached my hand out to get the hair dryer, but it wasn’t there. I waved my hand around trying to find it and then I laughed and slid my things along to the next mirror. If someone had been watching it must have looked pretty weird …as if I was waving my hand trying to do a magic trick and make the hairdryer appear (or maybe I was practicing to be a one hand conductor!).

VIP WaveIt is only when things are not where they should be that I notice that I can’t see it. Usually it can be embarrassing, but then I choose: either I laugh at how funny I must look or I blush and never go back to the gym again. Guess what I chose?

I now call this the VIP Wave (Visually Impaired Person )

1 thought on “…not by sight

  1. Fran Webster

    I call it ‘joy in an istant…or maybe it should be…joy in an insident.’

    You burst out laughing because you suddenly see what you must look like to others. How about those senior moments? I had one this morning and then fell about laughing. That belly laugh that you have in instant joy is so refreshing.

    I had just sat down with my breakfast tray in my lap when I realised something was missing. So I got up to put my teeth in!!! (Only two in the top row mind…I wasn’t exactly gumming it as I made my breakfast in the kitchen!) So I got up, went to the ‘tooth box’ where I keep them overnight, opened it and it was empty….!

    They were already in my mouth!!!!

    (love the drawing…now we need to animate it…waving hand)



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