Top to bottom

If you read my blog about the dog and the gym bag, you will remember how I wrote about memorising what to put in it and how awful it is to leave an item of clothing at home. Well, you won’t believe it

I arrived at my bag after showering at the gym and took out what I thought was my blouse, but it was my pyjama bottoms! They are both white cotton with blue floral patterns. They feel slightly different, but who feels carefully- folded clothes?

I laughed, thought about the blouse mentioned in my previous blog and then tried to work out how to wear trousers as a top.

Is this decent?

Needless to say, I went home in sweaty clothes!! Yuk!­­

It was a funny mix-up, but a reminder to use hands to

feel when eyes can’t be trusted.






2 thoughts on “Top to bottom

  1. Fran Webster

    You would have needed to unpick the crotch….stick your head through the hole and put your arms down the legs!!!! Guess you dont always carry a ‘quick unpick’ with you…and would not see to unpick anyway!!!

    BUT I am LOVING the illustration. Keep drawing. Your blindness will facilitate a style of drawing that professional artists would so love to emulate. Raw, natural, and unique….draw draw draw.



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