Write about rights

Write about rights

On human right’s day it is easy for us to focus on human wrongs. Today should be a day of education and not accusation.  In the case of the disabled, inhumane actions are often done unknowingly. I think it is largely the role of the disabled person –  if they are able (is this an oxymoron?),  to educate others around them about how best to help. Let us lower the ignorance of the public and make issues of accessibility an opportunity to make able bodied folk feel helpful and appreciated.

The one right that cannot be taken away from us is the right to be happy in life. It is a deliberate choice that all of us can make- even if we have a disability or illness.

Happy living!

2 thoughts on “Write about rights

  1. Fran Webster

    Hear hear! I applaud you Jenny for beginning with educating your family. We have been so ignorant of all the things you stuggle with because you look so able, never complain and always laugh and joke about life. Sadly we do not have the insight to instinctively know what you find difficult unless you tell us. This must be duplicated a hundred foldout there. Find your voice everyone, and speak out. Begin with your family.


  2. Heather

    How RIGHT you are! We are all full of human wrongs (being human!), and spend too much time concentrating on those – in ourselves and others. Today I’m going to concentrate on human RIGHTS!



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