Pardon the pun, but this describes what happens when you pour tea and you cannot see the rim of the cup…full, filled to overflowing. It sounds like a positive, abundant concept, but can be very frustrating if you keep on having to wipe the counter where you poured liquid.

A great remedy for this was shared at a recent support group. Place your mug in a shallow bowl (like a giant saucer) before you pour then it doesn’t matter if you mess…schlurpp!  Then use it as a tray for walking around with a full cup. No mess, no fuss, no coasters required and no sticky spills on the floor.

This could also be useful for folk with Parkinson’s and young children.

Cheers! Have fun being full-filled!

2 thoughts on “Fulfilled

  1. Fran

    “Your cup runneth over…. Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life…”. You are so good to share with others the simple, yet frustrating aspects of being a VIP (visually impaired person) Bless you Jenny. Wish I was there having tea with you. Spill or no spill. You are beautiful.


  2. Ann MacKenzie

    Oh Jen!! You spent years in ‘my’ home as you are ‘my’/our child, and yet you still delight us with your views and ability to play with, or manipulate words, thank you for the chuckle!! Mom.



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