Doggy bag

Our dog is a short haired black Ridgeback cross. We should have called her shadow as she follows me wherever I go…unless someone else has food. Anyway, her name is Tina or any variation thereof.

Last week we were on our way to the gym and the dog was following me around hoping that my sports takkies meant a W-A-L-K. My once again patient husband was already in the car when I ran back to fetch something. I dropped my gym bag on the floor and quickly ran to the bathroom to fetch a forgotten essential. My brain was memorizing all the things I needed to take with me (nothing tinaworse than showering and changing and then remembering that you left your blouse at home.)

I ran out of the bathroom and said “Mind out the way, Tinks”. She didn’t move; she just lay there…then I realized, with amused embarrassment, that it was my black gym bag!

2 thoughts on “Doggy bag

  1. Ruth Holmes

    Loved your Doggy Bag story. Jenny. Today is International Women’s Day and you are an inspiration to us all.


  2. Ann MacKenzie

    Jenny, knowing how your dog loves to suck clothes, I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear she was next to your lifeless bag, sucking anything that was not zipped up! Mom



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