Monthly Archives: February 2015

Knit Wit

You would think that people, who have problems seeing, would be good at listening. But sitting listening to a speaker or a TV show can be soooooo boring as there is nothing to focus on. You need to make up things in your head or fiddle with something to keep you entertained. This is why I decided to take up knitting.

I hated knitting at school. In primary school my friend and I cut a wooden hanger shorter on each end so that I would not have to knit so much. Then we stretched my knitting between us.  When I sewed the cover onto the hanger, the stuffing was bulging out between the stitches. Needless to say we were also in stitches as we did this dastardly deed.

Now I have taken up knitting by feel. I knit strips that are sewn into baby blankets for the ‘Bless a Baby’ project at our church. On my first attempt my patient hubby had to pick up a few dropped stitches and I gave him safety pins to hold each mistake. I then attached a note for my amused friend. It read, “Hi Friend, Jenny has dropped me badly!! Please pick me up. Love Stitch “

That is a pick up line of note.

Now that I have the hang of it, I am knitting hanger covers as well!