The counter encounter

During the holiday we stayed with family who were house sitting a friend’s home. It was a beautiful house with picturesque views of the mountains and the sea.

After 2 days there I was as uptight as a coiled spring. So, with a nudge from my very patient husband, I took some time aside to think about what was stressing me out.

The light bulb came on. It was the kitchen.

The kitchen counters, although modern, were the support for so many useful appliances. Coffee machines, kettles, filters, toaster, pots and recipe books lined the back of the counters. There was still enough work area on the counters to prepare food, but the backdrop was complicated and confusing.  Every time I wanted to make a cup of tea I had to feel around for a mug and the kettle and the canister and the teaspoon holder – no wonder I was stressed! I realised that, at home, I can easily see the corner between the counter tops and the wall, thus making a plain backdrop for any contrasting items. I never before realised how peaceful this is on my impaired vision and we never planned our kitchen like this on purpocounter picse.

So if you have eyesight difficulties or your loved ones are losing sight, then take ‘another look’ at your work spaces……….

or it could be counter productive!

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