Choose what to see

My nephew and I were on our way down to the local beach and were driving slowly along a narrow road. We passed a woman running (I caught site of a bouncing pony tail). As we passed I noticed that he turned his head for another look. I asked, “Is she pretty? He just smirked and paused so I reckoned he wanted to say, ‘no’ but didn’t want to be rude. I asked, ‘Is she old?’ –  Which for him is anything over 25 – and he said, ‘Yeah’.

I then told of how fortunate I am as I can choose what I want to see. If your eyes cannot recognise details then you can just make it up in your imagination.  On a grumpy day I might imagine the runner as a starting-to-wrinkle, middle aged housewife escaping from the never-ending pile of dishes after the family Christmas chaos. On most days I would imagine a sprightly young girl full of the joys of life who has just gone for a brisk jog to experience the joy of fresh air, a healthy body and the hope of life.

A fun thing about low vision is that I you can make up what you want to see.

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