What’s in the bottle?

One has to laugh at the frustrating things that can happen when you can’t read labels. The public holiday was a wonderful opportunity to sleep late, and then do the ‘girl’ routine…….. shower, shave the legs, put on a facemask, and other weird food–on-the-body therapies that we hope others never walk in on. I was clean and had put on all the lotions and potions in the right places -deodorant, face cream, get-rid-of-the –crows feet-cream, foundation etc. I was thrilled to find a new bottle of ‘Keep for special occasions’ lotion at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet and decided to treat my limbs to much needed hydration. I smeared it generously on both arms. It felt a bit sticky. My hubby came into the room and I asked him to read the label for me ……. It was body wash!!!!

Start again- with less fuss this time.

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