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What’s in the bottle?

One has to laugh at the frustrating things that can happen when you can’t read labels. The public holiday was a wonderful opportunity to sleep late, and then do the ‘girl’ routine…….. shower, shave the legs, put on a facemask, and other weird food–on-the-body therapies that we hope others never walk in on. I was clean and had put on all the lotions and potions in the right places -deodorant, face cream, get-rid-of-the –crows feet-cream, foundation etc. I was thrilled to find a new bottle of ‘Keep for special occasions’ lotion at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet and decided to treat my limbs to much needed hydration. I smeared it generously on both arms. It felt a bit sticky. My hubby came into the room and I asked him to read the label for me ……. It was body wash!!!!

Start again- with less fuss this time.

Steal away

At one of my first visits to the low vision support group, I landed up sitting next to a dear gentleman in his early eighties. He was blind due to diabetes but let me know that he had a very sweet tooth, especially when his wife was not around. The volunteers took orders for teas and coffees and then handed around pieces of delicious chocolate cake and chocolate nut biscuits. The man was very pleased to be at the meeting without his wife and so he tucked right in to the cake. Within a few minutes he was in a cold sweat and shaking. I was afraid that he would go into a diabetic coma right next to me. So I quietly whipped the 2 biscuits off his plate, ate one and past the other onto my friend and motioned to her to eat it quickly. . She was horrified that I stole from a blind man. We got the giggles as I realized what I had done. I said that it was for his own good.

Then I had to lie, “No sir, it was either biscuits or cake, not both”

I still feel a bit bad when I think of it, but there are at least some perks to having Macular Degeneration …giant chocolate cookies on white plate can be spotted in peripheral vision!