Funny or frustrating?

Having low vision and presuming you are looking at something which turns out to be something else, can be very frustrating or humorous – depending on your mood.

It can be quite humorous when you think you see litter on the floor, and like a good citizen, you bend to pick it up, only to find that it is a sunbeam reflecting off some shiny object onto the floor. I smile every time a try to pick up a sunbeam. The idea of collecting rainbows appeals to me – I don’t think a full sighted person would have tried it.

I often take our dog for a walk in a nearby greenbelt. One day I saw, what looked like a person, standing near the bridge. The dog did not prick up her ears so I was a bit concerned. I decided to greet the person anyway. I called a friendly, ‘hello and got no response. (I thought it may be a deaf person).’As I got closer I saw that it was a new rubbish bin that the municipality had installed. I went passed and mumbled, “You’re full of rubbish” and then giggled my way home .

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